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Mikkel  Scharff

Mikkel Scharff

Fagleder for Kunstakademiets Konservatorskole, Konservator

Esplanaden 34

1263 København K



Sølvgade 48-50

1307 København K


Telefon: +45 71 19 30



Konservering af maleri på lærred, konserveringshistorie, analytisk foto, teknisk kunsthistorie.



Mikkel Scharff, Head of the School of Conservation and head of the Institute for Conservation at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design, and Conservation (KADK), Copenhagen, Denmark, IIC Fellow, received MSc in Painting Conservation in 1987 from the School of Conservation, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), Copenhagen, Denmark. From 1987 lecturer at the School of Conservation, from 1992 Head of the Department of Paintings and Provost. Since 2013 Head of the School of Conservation, KADK.


Scharff has been lecturing and/or researched structural treatment of canvas paintings, technical-analytical photography, preventive conservation, ancient and medieval sculptural polychromy, technical art history, and history of conservation of paintings in Denmark and abroad.


Scharff has a wide network within conservation and conservation science and has been partner in national and international research projects on a selection of the mentioned subjects.


Scharff has been involved in the national research collaboration on technical art history, CATS (2011-2016, the three partners: the National Museum of Denmark, SMK - the National Gallery of Denmark and the School of Conservation KADK) and two international EU-funded projects PROPAINT (2007-2010) and MEMORI (2010-2013), among other things studying the protective effect of microclimate enclosures and varnish against pollutants. In association with CATS Scharff is since 2015 participating in the European research Infrastructure IPERION_CH.


Scharff has written or co-written a number of papers, book chapters and other types of professional dissemination on the mentioned subjects.


Mikkel Scharff has served as council member of international professional museum and conservation organizations, for example: 1990-1996 as coordinator for the working group on paintings at the International Council of Museums - Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC), 1996-2004 as Treasurer of the ICOM-CC Council, 2000-2012 as Secretary of the Danish ICOM National Committee, and at present member of the IIC Council serving as vice-president since 2013.

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