Institute of Architecture and Design

Head of Institute: Irene Alma Lønne
Education Secretariat: Chanette Markussen and Nanna Kirstine Brøndsted

At the Institute of Architecture and Design we work at the intersection of architecture and design, educating both architects and designers in an interdisciplinary environment. Bringing together the two, closely related disciplines together creates a synergy between the whole and the detail. This applies, for example, to architecture, interiors, lighting, textiles and furniture. We work on quality and detailing in construction, focusing holistically on the relationship between a building’s function and its internal and external design. We also educate furniture, textile and lighting design specialists with a material-oriented approach to the design process: in the Institute’s specialist workshops and in close cooperation with selected businesses. We train architects and designers with great insight into the needs of society and the encounter with the user. The Institute focuses particularly on the challenges posed by the welfare society: in the health, education and hospital sectors etc.

We offer four graduate programs and four undergraduate programs, together with cross-curricular elements, including IT studies at the School of Architecture and KADK’s PhD school.

The Institute of Architecture and Design is an interdisciplinary educational environment, providing education of the highest level to architects and designers in the areas of architecture, spatial, furniture, lighting and textile design on the basis of research, artistic development activities, practice and strategic business partnerships.

We are an agenda-setting educational and research environment, working at the intersection between architecture and design. We educate designers and architects, who, as specialists in their professional fields, can participate in interdisciplinary, national and international collaborations. Our architects and designers are entrepreneurial and have great insight into the needs of society and the encounter with the user. They help set new agendas within the Institute’s specialist areas. Our approach to the design process is rooted in materials and workshops: in the Institute’s specialist workshops and in close cooperation with selected businesses. We have a major focus on IT and new technology.

There is a major social need to educate architects and designers, who can help to work on entities, developing and qualifying our experience of urban and landscape spaces, buildings, rooms, interiors, furniture, lighting and textiles. Society needs specialist architects and designers, who can dedicate themselves to a particular professional area, and who can work across the area between architecture and design, developing and shaping public spaces, workplaces, schools, hospitals, public institutions and private residences etc. for the future. 

About the Institute’s two major lines of study

The Institute of Architecture and Design offers two lines of study, which follow the curriculums for architecture studies and design studies respectively. The undergraduate programme in Architecture and Design - Whole and Part is the Institute’s answer to a comprehensive education in architecture, geared to the Institute’s subject field. The undergraduate programme in Design offers three separate lines of study: furniture design, spatial design and textile design. At the graduate level we offer four programmes: three of the programmes are joint courses, aimed at both architecture students and design students. These three are Furniture, Architectural Lighting Design and the English language programme, Spatial Design, Perception & Detail. The fourth graduate programme is in Textile Design. The institute also contributes to cross-curricular teaching, including the  School of Architecture’s Drawing  and IT studies, which are aimed at the whole of KADK, including KADK’s PhD school.

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