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Bespoke Materials For Bespoke Textile Architecture

Publikation: Forskning - peer reviewKonferencebidrag i proceedings

Membrane architecture uses currently off the shelf materials and produces the shapes and details through cutting and laborsome joining of textile patterns. This paper discusses investigations into an alternative material practice - knit - which engages bespoke membrane materials. A practice which allows for customised and graded material properties, the direct fabrication of shaped patterns and the integration of detailing directly into the membrane material. Based on two demonstrators built as hybrids of bespoke CNC knit and bending active GFRP rods this paper discusses the affordances and procedures, which this new practice of digital fabrication of membrane material requires. The central focus is set on the interaction between the involved disciplines and the emerging iterative process of design, material specification, prototyping, evaluation, (re-)design and (re-)specification. We discuss how design and engineering practices change, when material properties move from given and constant into the area of design and gradient.

Bespoke materials for bespoke textile architecture. Available from: [accessed Jan 24, 2017].
TitelIASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium : Spatial Structures in the 21st Century
RedaktørerKen’ichi Kawaguchi, Makoto Ohsaki, Toru Takeuchi
Antal sider10
StatusUdgivet - 2016

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